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single MONTH
Herk ... Seriously this month is the BAD MONTH to Vertexas.. There is a lot big problem always come to our group .. Oh My God !!! Maybe Allah want to test us.. He want to test our friendship .. Seriously there is many chaos that com to us ..
But the big test that come to us is .. Three from us already being single ..
Azizah is already clash with Misbah ,, but Misbah's reason is not relevan to us ... We guess that Misbah already have a new girlfriend .. Seriously I'm sad to Jijah because her relationship with Misbah is already 1 year 3 months ,, such a worst .. Then, a few day later Anis is being single .. she said that Aliff have another girl ... Oh My God ,, Why boys always acting like a dumb? Why they must hurting girls heart? Dorang tak boleh nak appreciate perasaan perempuan ke? after Anis, Rina pulak hadapi masalah yang same ,, Hish.. bulan ni memang bulan single untuk Vertexas lah.. Yang si Fiqah pulak, tak sehaluan ,, haiyooo ...

To My Friend , aku harap korang bersabarlah dengan ujian yang Allah berikan kepada kita,, maybe ni cara yang terbaik untuk kita, maybe by this test, kita boleh sedar dengan segala silap salah kita . harap korang banyak bersabar and banyak kan berdoa, mungkin Dia berikan korang ujian macam ni mesti ada sebab tertentu kot... - IEKA -